I am a student, where my school gave me no training on linux or unix.

However i am currently on my internship where the site i'm working at runs Oracle DB's off of Solaris as well as Red Hat.

Had it not been for this job i never would have learned as much about linux as i did.

Solaris is our production server, so until recently i didn't mess with that. Red Hat is our Web server as well as several other applications. Which i deal with daily.

We are currently upgrading to RHEL 3 so we can have a "supported" O/S from Oracle.
Unfortunately i'm starting to greatly dislike Red Hat, because there is no "supported upgrade" from any prior versions of red hat, to RHEL.

Using linux in the workplace definately has advantages. But there are also disadvantages when you need 3rd party support, and the 3rd party doesn't offer support unless you are running a specific O/S.