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Thread: Hey hey

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    Hey hey

    Just joined the forum and wanted to say hello to everyone.

    Was playing some tunes at a party one night. Ended up chatting to a guy about music, computers, life and how fit his missus was, usual 4 o'clock in the morning hazey stuff. Turns out this guy was a dab hand at network security and a Linux guru to boot. He showed me a few things on his Linux box and it blew me away...I was a Microsoft bod for years, not going to knock Bill or anything, I do rollouts and have been lucky enough to have travelled to all weird and wonderful places rolling out Windows servers and desktops, cheers for that Bill, you got me to places and gave me experiences that I could only have dreamed about but unix is the way to go, what I have seen done with a linux box is fantastic, so powerful!!!!!! Been playing with a few of the flavours and went for Redhat.
    As luck would have it I got back to London and got a job with a Telco who have just branched into the whole outsourcing thing. I will be providing support for our customers Windows systems, "I can't send any mails from Outlook" and "How do you do that in Word?" type of thing, I am sure a few of you on this forum know the score. Even more luck headed my way when one of the unix boys left the company and they kind of handed his job over to me. Now I wouldn't know unix if it came up to me and dropped it's nickers and said "make sweet love to me pretty boy" but I though "hey, what the hell, give it a go". Been doing it for 2 weeks now and the thought of actualy doing the job I was originaly hired to do freaks me out... I want to do this!!!!!!!! This is great!!!!! This is... well, you get the picture... I can happily say that it has been the best thing I have done IT wise and have never been more clear about what I want to do with my IT career.

    Have got a few good books and intend to buy more and hopefully with the help of some of you people on this forum I will learn a hell of a lot more. Got Redhat 9 on my box and am starting to get the hang of the syntax and using the console and am already updated DNS records and zones and a few other tasks that this job entails (even starting to get the hang of VI). Want to get better and want to learn more. (found nmap the other day, heh heh heh, thats a good one!!!!!)
    Will be posting a lot of "how do you do this" and "his does not work" postings (I have a long list allready) and would greatly appriacate the help.

    Hope you are all having a great day and hope to read a few postings from you.

    All the best and take care,


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    Welcome Graham, well see ya on the boards

    \"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer\" from The Art of War by Sun Tzu\"

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    welcome to

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    welcome to the forum
    BIG K aka Kyle
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    Please don\'t PM me for help-- ask in the forums instead!

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    'ello... ask away.. it's always nice to have another convert....
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

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