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    Quote Originally Posted by Skythra
    Umm under what grounds would google go bust? With constant innovation? Updating? Useability?
    I think he was referring to their stock going bust.

    Quote Originally Posted by ICeMaN
    how much are the shares going at these days for google?
    They haven't had their IPO (initial public offering) yet. Neither have they released a date or a price, so we don't know much...just speculating.
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    yes i did mean that my lecturer thinks that the stocks are gonna go bust, i dont know much about shares so i cant say..... my lecturer became rich off shares though

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    I think that google is a secrative and closed project that GNU users rely on far too much. There is no comparible search engine that I know of (if there is better then please tell) but thats not the way it should be. A really good search engine should be built on open software and should be open to public scrutiny.. it should also be non-profit. Thats just my opinion though:D

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    i think it would be a smart move, because it just seems Google is getting bigger and bigger. I mean GMail is gonna be a hit.

    Note: GMail is the new Google email service still in beta, that will offer a Gig, not a typo, of space.

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    wired mag, january issue, says that AlltheWeb and Inktomi are catching up on googles indexed pages. that's about 3.3 billion Web pages, or less than 1% of the total Web. AlltheWeb looks like google.
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