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View Poll Results: What is your favorite Linux distribution for older/weaker hardware?

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  • Arch

    3 3.16%
  • Damn Small Linux (DSL)

    31 32.63%
  • Debian

    19 20.00%
  • Puppy

    7 7.37%
  • Slackware

    10 10.53%
  • Vector

    4 4.21%
  • Zenwalk

    4 4.21%
  • Other (please list below)

    17 17.89%
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    arch linux

    Favorite Distro for Older/Weaker Hardware

    This poll/thread is meant to help those users that are having difficulty deciding which distribution(s) they should use to work with their older/weaker computer. Please use it to post information about your favorite distro for older/weaker hardware, but don't post comments saying that any particular distro is the best, because the best truly is very subjective.

    Note that this thread will be locked and/or deleted at the end of the year and a new thread started.

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    SuperMod (Back again) devils casper's Avatar
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    Damn Small Linux.
    it has two versions. DSL having kernel version 2.4 and DSL-N having kernel version 2.6.
    one should try DSL first, if it doesn't work, DSL-N will definitely work,
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    It is close between Vector and Slack, but I went with Slack because it was the first after all.
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    I would say Arch or Slack, but Arch takes the ball. I don't have much personal experience with it like I do with Slack, however I learned it in college. Great for beginners and easy to work with. I completely recommend this distro to anyone interested in Linux.
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    I voted DSL, although i have not actually tried it before but i have heard many a good review and distrowatch shows that its really getting up there with the major distros.
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    arch linux

    voted Slackware...

    I voted Slackware, but Zenwalk and DSL are right up there with it.

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    I went with Slackware here! I used the process of elimination. Zenwalk, DSL and Puppy really aren't FULL distros and sometimes I just have to have GCC and headers (my test comptures need to be connected to the internet through a wireless card, which has a free driver but needs to be compiled). Vector really isn't a lightweight distro but a "more polished" Slackware. Debian is nice, I might favorite over all distro, but doesn't seem to do so well with a slow processor. And I've never tried Arch, but from what I gather it's a source distro, which doesn't mate well with older hardware.

    There's also another distro out there called DeLi Linux which is specially geared toward 486-to-PI/II processors which is really nice. I think if it were on the list I would have a hard time choosing between it and Slackware.
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    That's vector for me, though it requires more power than DSL. If you got >400MHz and >128 Mb you are ok with Vector (running xfce)
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    Damn Small Linux has been good to me....

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    Linux User Giles's Avatar
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    I do love DSL, and I use slack for some things too. I voted "other", tho, because in my ordinary day-to-day usage I always use Mandriva, and have been running it very successful on pretty old hardware all of my Linux life. Probably the oldest box I've put it on was a 266Mhz proc, 192Mb ram old beast which is now my server, so this might not be a valid answer for anyone who's planning to use even older hardware.

    Just always use blackbox
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