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    Installed it on my hard drive thats how

    I used to complain about Microsoft windows being sorry so someone told me that if I didn't like it I should find another. They were being facetious of course thinking there was only windows. I knew about Linux already but hadn't gotten the opportunity to try it. I was in the book store and they had a copy of Mandrake 8 or something so I tried it. It had problems with my video card but it ran. looked neat but I never switched then I was always wanting to switch someone told me how much they liked Slackware so i tried it and by then i knew a little bit more and it became my distro until i couldn't work with video editing and had issues with wireless but i kept using it trying others on my laptop. used OpenSuse for a while but didnt like it on the laptop. I have tried several since.
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    My old desktop had a bad DVD drive, but good CD drive. Windows went and died on me, and the disc was a DVD. So I found this cool-looking Ubuntu book with a CD in it, and have been using some version of Linux on my non-gaming computer ever since.

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    Started getting into it when I could not get decent software at an affordable price years ago when I was doing my CCNA, then I found a book on C++ programming with Mandrake on it and then a magazine that had Red Hat 9 on the cover and have not looked back since. And I seem to be sticking to Red Hat based products.
    Using Fedora 8 at mo. I have tried many others, like we all do I think, but keep coming back to either Fedora or Mandriva.

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    Well...a person could type for an hour if they started from the beginning...I would like to say that I never could get a grip on the windows start button...I dislike it and always used some freeware program launcher on the right or elsewere.

    The real turning point I guess regarding linux was when I installed dsl to a thumb drive with fluxbox and wmdrawer in the slit top center to roll out the icons on a screensaver wallpaper. I booted this on my xp machine and played a movie...then went online to distro watch..I was amazed at what this tiny linux could do...I have not booted xp since although it works fine, I just do not need it..the interest just keeps growing, and the more I learn I find how little I really know.

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    Second post here

    Well, i never actually seen or used a computer in India, when i got to USA, i first used computer at my school (i had to use it to register at the university)
    I really like what this machine can do and started to learn about it.

    my first three years in USA i mainly used the PC for word processing and email checking at school. after that my sister bought her own computer to use in our house. after sepnding some time on web i realized that that computer was really outdated eventhough it was brand new from dell. so after three months i spend some money (around $2000) and bought my own desktop to use (wasn't top of the class at the moment, but great at that time). i quickly got into gaming and learning more and more about windows xp. as i learned i realized that xp was peice of S***t. too much crap that i don't use/ too much in there that i don't understand. but after messing around a little i told my self that i need to build new PC. i really didn't wanted to put XP on new PC so i look around and found out Linux is better than XP, so i should put linux in new PC (to top it off it's free). so now i have build new PC. first thing i did was install XP in it. (didn't know what else to do since i never used linux) but soon after that i put linux on it. i am writing this using XP, since i don't have internet conneciton on my linux. to figure out how to put my wireless driver in it i ended up here while searching on the web. so now i hope everybody here can help me to make my new PC work with linux and increse my knowledge.

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    I got delegated by my local computer club to try Linux and see what it was like. Someone installed Red Hat 6 for me and I never looked back. Result: I sort of lost contact with the club because they're all Windows users.
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    about a year ago, I was visiting my parents' and found a dell 8100 laptop in the garage. my mom explained that my sister bought it new, and it had been worked on so many times, that best buy just gave her a brand new computer for like 80% off, just to stop her coming back. i ran a virus scan and found 45 viruses and 5 trojans, I didnt have the os discs, to reinstall, so i used it until it died, I was always curious about linux, and one day in barns and noble, i saw the cover of linux format said ' xbuntu, great for older machines" I installed it ( I was really exited watching it load, cause that comp was D.E.A D! ) with 128 megs of ram, i didnt expect much other that text based browsing, but within 30 minutes i was watching videos on youtube. As soon as someone comes out with a good video editor for linux, I'll put some version on my brand new notebook as well.

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    After working on Commodore PET computers ... I migrated to the awesome Apple computers. I was amazed at the power of the command line compared to IBM DOS.
    MS DOS turned to Windows 3.1.

    I was introduced to UNIX in school as they had removed the IBM "punch card" mainframe and were thinking of bringing in a Unix server.

    I encountered Linux during the Windows 95 period.
    I was looking for something that felt like the old Apple, and I knew only that UNIX was very command oriented and not GUI.
    I picked up some books on Linux since I was looking into Unix. Most books at that time included the install CD's.
    My first distro was Slackware, then I moved to Red Hat ... got introduced to Solaris ... then tried SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, but ended up with Gentoo.

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    ... then the Unix-Gods created "man" ...

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    well, i just install fedora 7.1 this weak
    I'm taking a course about linux platform that's why i installed it.
    Up to now i like it , but im having some troubles with installing prog and the yum isn't working and i dunno why loool. but honestly , i want to use it afterward and 4get about windows.

    BTY: my instructor dosen't know much about linux ha ha ha, he keeps reading from a book everytime we ask him , and when i ask him about " yum " he didn't know what im talking about loool .

    that's my story

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    I started with DOS in1987. I want to mobile stream and the ASUS Eee price point and flash memory make it look possible.

    Ten years of work on the Windows platform are a shambles needing file compare and consolidation from various hardrives and tapes. Mac OS feels so much better, and now I'm willing to take on Linux, but I haven't found an external usb webcam (or Linux drivers) compatible with the Eee 900 Mhz processor - yet. Please see my post at

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