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    Ok, I gave it a try, will let you know if it worked
    It is definitely a good option, lets's hope more people (email providers)join in.

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    wow 1Gig! damn, that's a lotta space there.. . if this is free, i'm definitely getting one! i don't care whether hotmail joins or not. it's M$ after all. i just use my hotmail account for storage. and junk. hehehe.. .
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    Spymac has 1 Gb + 100 Mb webspace + 150 Mb for pictures :P
    And it's free!

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    Yahoo has improved, but I am still waiting for gmail.

    Yahoo has improved, but I am still waiting for gmail. I have had a yahoo address for quite awhile, but I have rarely used it. Not enough space and a clunky interface. Also over dialup it was much slower than simply downloading my messages from a pop server.

    With the new 100 MB I decided to try it again. I now have broadband so the fact that the web interface is slower than downloading messages is less important. You can download external pop email for free, but you cannot send email with the external address for free. I can use it to check my personal mail at work where I cannot get through the firewall to access the popserver. Yahoo will still be my secondary email account, but I think I will be using it more again. Also there is yahoopops to download the messages to my linux box if I want.

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    Yeh you get 2Gb worth when you pay $20 USA, But BT customers get it free )

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    AventureHost were the first company to launch a 2Gb free to all service, they launched it end of last month (i think, i can get more info if anyone needs it) should anyone want a nose around.

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    Well, I've had an account with aventuremail for at least two weeks, and now I get this error!
    "We're sorry, your account is currently disabled so you are unable to use this service. If you have just registered and the operators of Aventure Mail require user validation, your account will not be functional until they activate it. You will be notified by email () when your account is activated."

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    Hey i got sbc yahoo dsl and it comes with a 2 gig box..........used to be 1 gig befor gmali
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    Hotmail is now offering 250 mb free and 2 gigger if you pay 20$...

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