(I had no idea where this should be posted, so if it's in the wrong forum, would a mod or admin please move it to the correct forum? Thanks! )

Keyboard shortcuts can often be quicker than fumbling around with mouse clicks, so perhaps some of you will find these useful. They all appear to work well within vBulletin. If any of you should know of others (for vBulletin) that aren't listed, I'd appreciate it if you would post them here. Thanks in advance...

Alt+s = save settings (control panel)

Alt+1 = forum home
Alt+2 = new posts
Alt+3 = toggles print view
Alt+4 = search
Alt+5 = faq

message editor window shortcuts:

Ctrl+b = bold
Ctrl+i = italics
Ctrl+u = underline

Alt+p = preview message
Alt+s = submit message