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    I cannot say enough bad about the IntelliTXT advertising.

    The references are either non sequitur, thus useless, thus obtrusive, thus spam, or so obvious it's painful. (..., thus useless, thus obtrusive, etc.)

    These ads seem to be targeted at IT pros, as opposed to inquisitive "true newbs" (i.e. the only people uninitiated enough to click everything that pops up at them on the 'Net, much less buy anything from destination site!), but show me an IT pro who doesn't know you can get "[partner info] and whitepapers" at, and I'll show you an IT pro who needs to be fired. (Wait, did somebody say "prizes"? I'm there!)

    (Aside: "IT pros" links to MS TechNet?! Yeah... I'm sure the users are just running there in droves... [ed. At least it did when I was authoring this. My example stands.])

    I sincerely hope these ads provide significant financial support to, because if not, I can't imagine a valid reason for them to be in use here.

    (...Though I will admit I get an ironic chuckle out of the name "IntelliTXT". "StupiTXT" probably wasn't deemed to be very hype-able.)

    Sorry for ranting on day one of my membership, but it's a nice site... why muck it up with this garbage?

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    I have to admit that I have never found any of these ads to be well targeted or to make much sense.

    But I can live with them if they are providing the funding needed to keep this site up and running (and to make our admins multi-millionaires in the process)

    I'd rather have a few ads and a good site, rather than no ads, and the site disappearing due to lack of funds.
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    Well, running a PHP forum is not that expensive - livelihood aside. I run several government Web sites that cost next to nothing to run and they probably endure a lot more traffic on a monthly basis. The ads should be reconsidered if you ask me.

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    If they're too distracting, you can make them go away. Search the forums for a discussion that came up a few months ago regarding the intellitxt.
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    Install NoScript, a firefox extension which will block just the IntelliText ads so you can still use the other scripted elements
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    Indeed. I don't think anyone here likes the ads, but according to Core, they are necessary for the running costs of this site.

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    The dialog is appreciated!

    It's more of a principle thing than a major usability problem. There are enough cruddy products and services in the world stifling meaningful innovation blah blah blah. (As Linux fans well know... )

    If the funds really help the site, then more power to! (Take all their money!)

    PS still waiting for answers to some simple questions in this post in the newbie forum. Anybody bored?

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    what ads? I don't see any ads.. But then again, I run a web proxy "privoxy", which filters all that crap out of my browser.


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    I do not watch commercial television at all because of my distaste for all of the idiotic advertising. I really like my Konqueror browser because it keeps the ads off of my screen and prevents me from getting a headache or annoyed. ( Yahoo, MSN, newsletters, etc., etc. )

    There are many websites that I have stopped going to entirely because their crazy level of hideous and contantly rotating ads that really bothered me a lot.

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    The ads are horrible IMO. Everything I click on this site hangs firefox for a couple seconds while running up my cpu and memory usage. I click on a thread, most of it loads, then even my throbber stops while waiting for all the ads to pop in. I am on a old slow system but this almost makes the site unusable IMO.

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