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    File system scheme on CF card


    I'm trying to determine a good file system scheme for a CF card. I will have either a 2 or 4 GB CF card to work with.

    I don't want to use ext3 and mount the root partition read only because I may need to change config files. Should I use jffs2 instead? What about /var? Should I mount this in ram or use tmpfs?

    The best solution that I have found so far is to make one big ext2 partition. What about swap space? Some places say yes, some say no. Any suggestions?


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    defo no swap file

    yip with great certainty i can tell you whatever you do install your linux os without a swap file if putting on a cf card, downside though is you needs loadsa ram which to be fair is cheap as chips. for live video streaming and browsing i can get by on 512 meg of ram on my single core amd 1700+ using ultimate ubuntu lite based on 10.04 but would recommend using google chrome browser and getting rid of mozilla which seems not to be as cf friendly perhaps due do to lots of read/writes?
    i guess the theory might be a non journalling file system of some type though im using ext4 right now so not sure how that fits it as i though all files systems journaled in some way?
    i would like to know what the best file system to use would be on cf card linux install on a cf card via ide adapter myself!!!!!!

    the first ones i tried on cf card installs were pclinux os and puppy as both these can load to ram easily and are quite small so should still leave enough pc memory spare to negate the posibility of running out of ram and needing swap files which will shorten drastically the life of your cf card.
    alternatively by a dual ide cf card holder put your fast large card as master and a small cheap one in as slave and set it up as your swap file so if its fails which it will its easy to switch.

    hopefully you had your reply 3 years ago! and maybe i will find out what i need!

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    Any cheap solid state drive I use I format as Ext 2 file system. CF cards are on the lower end of Solid State Drives for read and write speeds.

    Geek Sheet: A Tweaker's Guide to Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Linux | ZDNet
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    This thread is now over 4 years old so locking this one down, guys...

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