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Thread: HP710

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    Is it possible to use HP 710 printer on Debian?

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    I'm pretty sure it's been done. How far have you gotten in trying to make it work, and what problems are you having?
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    It's not only possible, it should be really easy. I assume you're talking about the Deskjet 710 on the parallel port? I also take it you're talking about Debian stable (Woody)?

    An easy way to add a printer, is to open up a browser and type in localhost:631 in the addy bar. I did this on both Debian Woody, and Debian Sid. It'll ask you for a username and password. Type in 'root' as the name, and your root password. Then, go down to 'add a printer', and choose the type and port it's running on (i.e. deskjet on parallel 1)

    That's it!


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    I had (no: have) similar problems with a HP Deskjet 710C. It uses some kind of propriety "this-is-supposed-to-be-nifty-but-really-its-just-a-pain-in-the-#ss" setup...

    but what do you know... looking around on google some, I just found this:

    If that Officejet is your printer, it might proof helpful.

    I found some information for the HP deskjet 710C too:

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    I would install cupsys and pnm2ppa with aptitude or apt-get install first.

    also download the .ppd file on

    then you can set it up with gui through for example KDE Control Center:Peripherals:Printers. Add printer and follow the wizard, be sure to choose your own driver (.ppd) when asked.

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