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    flash on powerpc

    i am running lenny on a mac mini (powerpc), and i can't remember how to install flash. i remember (or imagine i remember) having it before a machine crash a while ago, and then going away for a few months.

    what's the best solution?

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    My guess is that you mean Adobe flash player. For that you want to download it, then in a term window extract it with tar xzf flash*.tar.gz or tar xjf flash*.tar.bz2, and then run ./flash-install or what ever the install file is called. You can either install it as your user in your user directory or as root to the system directory. The README file should be able to give more info.

    Adobe - Adobe Flash Player

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    i do mean adobe flash player,

    you mean download the source? as in flashplugin-nonfree_9. from will it compile to powerpc?

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    This is the exact one, that I mean.

    One, it does not compile anything. It is simply a script that will copy the plugin to the browser directory of your choosing.

    Two, though I have never used a mac before, I am certain that yes you can compile just about anything that you wanted to so, long as the source has support for you system. Some source code will have specific instructions for you, but I bet that you would find little that you could not do. As for me, I have a bad habit of just compiling the source, and not usually check the readme files, but in your situation, I would always read the readme files and install notes. I know that the flash will work for you, but I could be wrong on the source though, for like I said, I have never even tried to run a mac.

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    i tried that one, but got this message:

    ERROR: Your architecture, \'ppc\', is not supported by the
    Adobe Flash Player installer.

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    Wow, interesting, glad I do not use mac, for more than just the missing right mouse button. well did you try the actual mac flash?

    Adobe Flash Player Download Center

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    well, i'm on debian, so that would probably not help much.

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    their is no official version of Flashplayer for linux running on PPC architecture.

    however you try emulate flashplayer for PC architecture through qemu or just try swf-player
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