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    onboard raid controller issues

    Hi all

    I've just recently installed Debian on my system using the debian installer latest build.

    I had no problems installing debian, the installer was great. But now that i have my system up and running i have a bit of an issue.

    My main problem is that i can't access a hard drive connected to my onboard promise raid controller. During the install it recognised the drive as "hdk" but i am unable to mount the drive at all. I have even tried recompiling the kernel making sure it has support for all the different controllers and everything. Could it be known as something else? (as in not /dev/hdk1)?

    My system specs are as follows...

    AMD AthlonXP 2400+
    256mb RAM
    MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU Mobo
    128mb GeForce FX5200 video
    PCI128 Sound
    1 x 80gb
    1 x 20gb
    1 x 30gb on onboard raid
    DVD Burner and DVD Drive
    Windows XP on the 80gb primary master
    Debian on the 20gb secondary master

    The 30gb is just storage (mp3s mainly) but i need access to it.. lol

    Hope someone can help me!


    - Kris

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    what did you use to mount??

    like this:

    mount -t ext3 /dev/hdk1 /mnt/disk

    or mount -t ext2 /dev/hdk1 /mnt/disk

    This should work. Or didn't you formatted the disk?
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    About Raid...


    I know my post is not a reply but another much faster is 2 drives with a raid controller than 2 drives running separately off an IDE controller? I have revived my Buzz video capture device - a scsi card with an external connection box - and it says that if I want to get the higher resolution (756 X 480) I need hard drive throughput of something like 6,000 bytes per second. I tried a utility to measure 7200 rpm hard drive has no problem with this but my 5400 rpm hard drive is a bit slow. I am wondering if I use a RAID controller if I can pick up a data throughput of abou 15% so that I can use slower, cheaper 5400 rpm hard drives.


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    if the drive is 5400 then it doesn't matter, the transfer rate will be the same, you could try the xfs filesystem as it buffers like mad, to the point you would store most of whatever you were capturing in your ram..... if you have over a gig, then this could be efficent. Otherwise, your out of luck, the transfer speed and write speed only as fast as the slowest component. Also, the scsi transfer speeds are only really true on far far faster drives, your adverage IDE drive is not going to magicaly transfer at 150mbs b/c you put it in a SCSI
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