Hello --

My motherboard ( the abit IP35 Pro ) has the JMicron JMB363 controller which has been the cause of much grief for Ubuntu/Debian installations. This JMicron controller controls the PATA optical drive and Linux has a heck of time in dealing with this fact.

I have read many threads on many forums as I would like to install Ubuntu (my beloved) on my new board. The solutions are all over the spectrum, and not at all clear, and solutions are very few and far between.

I am wondering ... can I save myself a lot of grief I do any of the following...?

(a) Buy a SATA optical drive, and use that (disengaging my PATA optical) to install Ubuntu
(1) Would this even work? That is, would the PATA controller still be detected by kernal and cause my grief?

(b) Try a network installation
(1) I don't know how to do this, but I am confident I can learn it. But would it make the problem go away?

Thanks for your ideas and time !!