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Thread: NFSv4 exports

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    NFSv4 exports


    I have these NFSv4 exports on my Debian Etch server:


    /drbd/nfs_exports/usr is on the same filesystem as /drbd/nfs_exports. On a client I mount /usr using this command:

    mount -t nfs4 local.nfs:/usr /mnt
    (where local.nfs is the NFS server,

    The problem is that /usr is now mounted read only. Apparently the NFS server is using only the first line of my exports, where it should be using the second line. Everything works fine when I change my exports to

    (the first line now reads rw instead of ro)

    But I don't want my NFS root /drbd/nfs_exports to be exported to all clients with write permission. All examples say that my configuration should work fine, but it doesn't. Is this a bug or am I overlooking something?

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    Try using the "nohide" option on the export that isn't showing up. I had a similar issue and this seemed to fix it.

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