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    skype on wine on debian etch (+torrent suggestion?)

    I tried to install skype (windows version) on wine on debian etch.

    the linux skype version works fine but does not have SMS support.
    fearing the various solutions that involves scripts and manually typing the phone number I thought about trying to run skype on wine.

    starting skype results in a access violation error.

    Does anyone have any idea how to solve this ?

    and second question what torrent client can someone recommend ?
    I used the utorrent on windows and I really like it.
    Is there a linux torrent that has the same functionalities ?
    Now I am running utorrent on wine but it is not perfect.

    while I am asking
    what dvd authoring software could you recommend ?
    I have some avi files I would like to burn in dvd format so I can watch some stuff via dvd players instead of using my pc.

    kind regards

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    Ktorrent is a good replacement for uTorrent.

    Have you tried the latest Skype beta release?

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    how will Ktorrent behave in Gnome ?

    I did not know or read anywhere that the latest Skype beta release supports SMS.
    I will look into it anyway.

    Thank you I found a DVD authoring tool (Devede if someone wants to know) and it works nicely.

    Another totally unrelated question just in case.
    Why are all linux laptops offered with Ubuntu ?
    and I see some give you the option Ubuntu Gnome or Ubuntu KDE
    Is Ubuntu KDE the same as Kubuntu ?

    I am considering just buying a new linux laptop instead of going through the frustration of trying to get my S-video out to work on my ATI 9100 IGP.

    I know it is the sissy way but I am a bit in a hurry as I need this and my toshiba is slowly dying (just replaced the hard drive and now the CD writer does not work anymore). One of the reasons might be that the cooling is underengineered.
    If I run my cpu above 80 % load I get thermal warnings and CPU throttling.

    kind regards

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    arch linux
    Ubuntu is the distro with the Gnome desktop and Kubuntu is the distro with the KDE desktop. The underlying system is basically the same thing in both.

    You should probably try both versions and decide for yourself which one you like best.

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    I tried both via a live CD and I think I prefer KDE

    one question
    Is it possible to run GNOME applications in KDE when there is not an equivalent KDE package available ? (can't think of anything now at the moment)

    kind regards

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    yes it's possible, no problem.

    the downside is that a GNOME app will (probably) need a few GNOME libraries,
    so you'll end up with a GNOME and a KDE library in your computers memory
    that do roughly the same thing - not very efficient, but if you have enough
    memory it's no harm either.

    cheers, kai

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    I using packages from both Desktop Environments in test machine and havn't faced any problem yet. My test machine has 512MB RAM.
    Either install kubuntu-desktop in Ubuntu or install particular KDE package only through Synaptic Package Manager or apt-get command.
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    I still like azureus, only use the 2.5 version though, no 3.x or whatever

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