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Thread: ISO's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    I would strongly recommend that you get the daily build of the Sarge net installer. With Sarge now having the final date, Sept. 15, to be declared stable and a freeze on main, you will be very close to having the final which can be updated with apt-get. They have done a nice job with the installer, but it is still necessary to have the Installation Guide at your elbow for the most trouble-free install.

    Yeah, I'd like to have that guide! I burned the first CD and retrieved some of the install stuff via FTP, but it seems I only got as far as a texted based install. No GUI. Would the install go easier with the CD's? Any help would be swell. I'm not completely new to Linux, but I'm far from an expert, and Debian sounds like a great distro, if only i could get it installed

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    i don't really know if it is easier (based on your linux knowledge).although for a beginner i would suggest you another distro,more easy to learn ..
    look at
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    The extra CD's are pretty much for apt. (you have to load CDs in manually, so apt knows what is where, and will prompt you to pop in disk # whatever for the package you want) It allows you to use CD ROM instead of getting the packages online. It helps if you have a slow connection (as in if you bought the 7 CD set, and only have dialup, it would matter). If you have broadband, apt-get will do the same as apt-cdrom.

    It isn't easier, it's just more convenient for those with slow connections (or no connection) Debian is not easy, and it's outdated-looking. It is a rock solid distro, but I run Sid (unstable) because it's sexier I agree with stathisx. For a newbie, woody may leave you feeling unfulfilled....especially if you have seen a live CD with newer versions of the GUI's. Just because it is a bit of a pain to configure to your tastes.

    Yes, before anyone corrects me I know you can update KDE and Gnome manually, but as far as easy, that just complicates an already complicated process. Also, Woody doesn't work with even a lot of programs that are SUPPOSED to be packaged for woody. Most depend on at least sarge (testing) libs. I would go with Sarge, if the idea of Sid is not cool to you.

    Hope this helps.


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