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    Rebuild kernel to enable wireless.. HOW!?

    Hi all!

    I am relatively new to linux. I have just installed debian 'sarge' - the testing release. well it took me a while, I was at it for 3 days!! I have a dell inspiron 500m laptop, so I had dramas with enabling the 855 chipset to 1024x768 resolution... anyways, i have got that working now.

    now, I am trying to get the wireless centrino going. I am following the installation instructions on the 'ipw2100' website. Now this stuff is really getting outside my capabilities, so i could use some help .

    It says I need the ensure that the wireless capabilties are enabled within the kernel (CONFIG_NET_RADIO). The 'autoconf.h' file it mentions should be listed under '/lib/modules/2.4.26/build/include/linux/' .... but it is not. Infact it is listed somewhere under /usr/lib.. i can't remember excately where, because I am back in windows. Anyways, looking through the autoconf.h file there, CONFIG_NET_RADIO was disabled. So how do I enable it??

    I installed debian from a cd. And I don't have the kernel source installed. I am also new to the apt-get features. Oh yea, and my sources.list file does not have websites listed, because I do not have the internet working yet. Hopefully someone can tell me what I should put there, so I can goto work tomorrow and use the broadband there.. if LAN works ie!

    I was pumped to get the wireless working today... to stumble on a problem in the FIRST step is rather amusing! ..



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    first, install the kernel source. then cd to the kernel source directory. run make xconfig, and then proceed to the section regarding networking and set it up!

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    A nice recompiling guide can be found here:

    It can be used for 2.6.x kernels aswell and will help you true all the necesary steps. Take your time reading it. The wireless part has to be done in xconfig by you, but that shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Good luck

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