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    Keyboard doesnt work.

    When I want to install debian the keyboard crashes, after i presses enter at the first part it crashes. I changed my bootdevice to cdrom so im booting debian from my cdrom.


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    Im new here too but im going to take a guess that the reason you havent had a reply is because you havent given enough detail in your post about what your problem is!

    Maybe some of these details might halp you get a reply:
    -What version of debian are you installing?
    -What hardware does the system have?
    -Are you using a PS/2 or usb keyboard?
    -Are there any error messages?

    It may not be a keyboard problem at all.... The keyboard not responding might just be due to the system freezing becuse of another fault.

    If yo go into your bios try disabling virus auto protection and try changing the plug n play aware OS option. Also have you tried another keyboard in your system? If not try another to see if you get the same problem. There are various things it could be thats why giving more information would be helpful. Another thing it could be is a hardware resource conflict so try starting the system with the bare minimun. take everything out and disconnect anything thats not needed to get the system running at a basic level i.e. remove network cards, modems, tv cards, usb devices etc etc etc.

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