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Thread: ntfs howto

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    ntfs howto

    I am running 2.4.26-1-386 Sarge and would like read and write access to my ntfs partion(WinXP SP2). I need some suggestions as to what works best.

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    Write support for NTFS is still a bit unstable in Linux. You can read it fine, however, mounting the drive like this:

    mount -t ntfs /dev/hdxy /mnt/windows
    Replace x and y with the proper values for your system.

    If you want to try writing, more power to you, but it is, as I said, unstable and may destroy your filesystem. If you really need to share files between Linux and Windows, you can put it on an ext2/ext3 partition. There are programs for Windows that allow you to read and write ext2/3. Check out this link for some Windows programs to read/write ext2/3.
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