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    Debian router? help pls

    Hi guys ... sorry 4 the bad english but i really need ur help. i have a linux server with 2 network cards , one connected to the internet with static ip adress and the other one is connected to a lan network swich. My problem is setting up the Debian Linux server to act as a router or share by any means the internet connection on the home lan network. i`ve made a network drawing to explain myself easely. pls help... it`s kind of urgent ... tnx

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    You need to set up connection sharing in the sever machine.
    You can find howto on the net.

    keywords: how to share internet connection , how to share network connection

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    Debian router? help pls

    Before we can help you about sharing your connection, we must know what king of broadband connection do you have in your home, ADSL, Cable, other?
    Does your debian server has more than one network adapter? It needs at least 2 cards. Have you checked it?
    What does your Debian Server do in your network at the moment? Only sharing the internet? Samba (sharing files)?
    Is The Debian Server accessing the internet successfully right now?
    Do you already have a Iptables script to share the internet but it's not working or do you have to create one?

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    i fixed the problem i gave up on linux windows server 2oo8 rulez )) next next next and you are done

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    On linux You just need to run this command to act ur linux as router. Frist configure your both network interface. then run this command from terminal.

    #echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    #/sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o -eth0 -J MASQUERADE
    #/sbin/iptables save
    #/sbin/chkconfig iptables on
    here I guess eth0 is ur Internet interface. If not then change it ti eth1

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    fixed the problem

    Quote Originally Posted by aniba View Post
    i fixed the problem gave up on linux windows server 2oo8 rulez )) next next next and you are done

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