I have been having a lot of trouble trying to get Hibernate to work on my machine. Whenever I try it, the screen goes black, but then immediately comes back up, after which no applications work and I have to reset. There is nothing helpful in any of the logs.

In trying to isolate the problem, I tried to hibernate just by using:

echo "disk" >/sys/power/state

It still goes black, then comes back up, but I was able in this case to look at the syslog file before having to restart. The following 2 lines are in the log:

swsusp: Need to copy 47983 pages
swsusp: critical section/: done (47983 pages copied)

After these 2 lines, it looks like it starts resuming:

- Intel machine check architecture supported.

The lines after this start setting latency timers for PCI interrupts. I can't actually copy and paste the syslog here because these lines are no longer in the syslog after I reset, and I am unable to copy and paste or open a web browser or anything beforehand.

Any ideas why this is failing?