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Can I use the cdrom for burning data Yes you can if you use the knoppix toram boot option before Knoppix boots up in Live CD mode. Here are a ...
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    Can I use the cdrom for burning data
    Yes you can if you use the
    knoppix toram
    boot option before Knoppix boots up in Live CD mode. Here are a couple links that might explain what I am talking about.

    Live CD Tips - Knoppix Documentation Wiki

    Installation... Don't Need It! - Review Tom's Hardware : On The Fly: Boot Knoppix Linux, Keep Windows Installation
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    Okay, I'm at my wits end. I cannot get knoppix to see the LAN. I think I better get back to basics and figure out what happened.
    jledhead, you said "when the computer boots, I know you don't recognize what it says but we might. can you tell us what is displayed on the screen when the computer boots? after it has finished booting and the harddrive has settled down, what does it say on the screen? does it go thru any process or progress before displaying enter runlevel?
    This is the last few lines on the screen:
    VFS: Can't find ext3 filesystem on dev hda2.
    VFS: Can't find ext2 filesystem on dev hda2.
    INIT: version 2.86 booting
    INIT: No inittab file found

    This file server has two hard drives in it. I'm not sure if one mirrors the other or if one has the Linux OS and the other the files. All I see from my windows PC is a networked drive.

    Today I realized that i cannot see a lot of the files I thought were there. Knoppix shows a directoury with a pad lock on it and says you dont have permission. Aaaagh! I'm about to put a bullet into the Linux box!

    Please help!

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    sounds like a failing drive, both partitions are on the same harddrive, hda would be the drive and 2 is the partition, hda2.

    I would start trying some data recovery tools

    might be a good time to go ahead and get an image, if you are using linux (rescue environment) then use dd to get a bit for bit image of the machine,
    Recover Data From a dead hard drive using ddrescue -- Debian Admin

    for data recovery we use erd commander, but I don't think its free.

    if windows get a bit for bit image using ghost or acronis or whatever you guys use.

    if you copy the image using windows then obviously recover it using those tools.

    now would probably also be a good time to check your backup methods

    reply back if you need more help

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