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    Beginner- How to setup a remote file server

    I am very new to Linux, I have mostly been playing with the GUI and very basic command lines of Ubuntu on my main laptop. I have experience with C++ and Java and HTML. Anyway, my dad just gave me his old laptop (an old sony vaio). I know this laptop is too slow to really do anything crazy with, so I was hoping to use it as a file and print server and download box and also be able to access it from anywhere I have internet. I hope to be able to store all my movies and music on there and have access while I'm away from home and print from school and have it on my printer at home. Also, I was hoping to control downloads remotely as well, such as a bit torrent client. Any help/advice or pointing in the right direction would be really helpful. Also, I would love to be able to do this from command form, just for the experience. Remember I am a beginner, so be very specific/descriptive. Thank you so much for your help.

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    I have an old box setup as you described. It runs samba and when I want to use it to download something I SSH in and get it going. Cups is setup so I can print stuff at home from anywhere...

    There are lots of tutorials that will help you. I wouldnt consider this an extremely advanced topic for linux but someon as new as you say you are i;d suggest a few books.

    Learn the system, you can do this as you go. I'd suggest you install Debian or whatever distro you decide to use without the Xorg system or any GUI stuff at all just the base system and apt- from there turn on ssh and find a good spot to put this laptop away and just leave it running on the login screen. Try to do it all from SSH and you'll learn allot.

    Then you can get your samba going and figure stuff out from there.

    I have Samba running and I have a Sonicwall firewall and I use the VPN to get the network drive off that machine from anywhere... I can also use my SSH to download whatever I want on to that system with lynx and ftp or apt-get to install programs I need. I also do all my coding in C and compiling on there remotely from my laptop or cell phone. Just find cool **** to try and you'll be on your way. The bigger your imagination on things to do the more you'll learn.

    Also make sure your stuff is secure before you start opening ports to the WAN side...

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