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    [SOLVED] help with installing GStreamer


    Im quite new using Linux. Now, i would like to know the version about the GStreamer that is currently installed. The rhythmbox is 0.11.*, and i would like it to be able to play .midi and .mp3 files. I downloaded the lastest GStreamer*version*.tar.gz from, but now i need to install it. And i don't know in which directory i should do that. if you can help.

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    youi can install gstreamer and many plugins via apt the debian package management system.

    use aptitude to search and install packages

    aptitude search gstreamer
    aptitude install "packages comes here separated with space"
    aptitude show specific-package-name

    the last command will give you detailed information about a package

    But , if you want install gstreamer from source , unpack it
    tar xfz gstreamer*.tar.gz
    and cd to the unpacked directory where you can find a README and an INSTALL file , this two files contain the installation guide.

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    True, i never think about the readme / install files.
    Next time, i'm gonna try not to forget it.

    Thanks again, iwanbeguru

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    type gstreamer into synaptic package manager this will show you a list of available pakages in debian.

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    Hi, markharding557 (pretty long name to type...anyway).

    Thanks for answering me, but i already solved that 'problem'.

    The problem wan't really the GStreamer itself, it was the Mp3 plugin. It wan't installed. I downloaded one and installed it manully. Currently, i'm listening some music while typing those sentences.

    Thanks again.

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