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    Question installing multiple packages and dependencies offline

    How can I install multiple packages and dependencies if:

    computer A - offline debian system, won't be online even for few seconds
    computer B - online non-debian linux, i want to use it to download packages

    Tried dpkg -i but this won't work well, because packages need many dependencies. Wanted to try with apt-zip but to generate fetch script it needs to apt-get update... and to do this i need to go online on debian box.

    Any idea about scripts that i could run on non-debian box? Or maybe debian livecd with apt-zip or similar package already preinstalled?

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    The "B" box is what , what operation system runs on?

    My suggestion.
    By some rewritable dvd disk and download the debian dvds and write it to the rw disks. Than you can add the disks to the package source on the offline machine with apt-cdrom.

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    You can download the necessary packages and their dependencies to a USB pen drive or other removable media such as a USB external drive or writable optical media as mentioned in the previous post.
    Then you can do one of two things:
    Plug in the drive with the packages or put the optical media in the optical drive and copy all the packages to the /var/cache/apt/archives directory... or link them to that directory.
    Then you can install using "apt-get install packagename.deb" or "aptitude install packagename.deb" or using the GUI installer Synaptic. If all the dependencies are in the cache or linked to it, you will not get any errors.

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