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Thread: OS Management

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    OS Management


    I have to install a C/C++ IDE to make programmation.

    The IDE that i found isn't working under Linux. So, for it to work, I plan to install another OS on another HD.

    The questions are :

    - Do you know a way to make my C/C++ compiler to work under Linux (I know that Linux have it's own, but I can't take it. This is for classroom, so the more I use the one that we have in class, the more I'm gonna be 'better' using it). I also know about some Windows virutal application, that makes Linux 'working' as if it was Windows. Do you think this might be a solution?

    - Otherwise, I'm gonna install Windows on another HD, but for it to be bootable, I do have to make it as a Boot Menu Item. How ?

    I don't really like what I'm gonna write, because those forums are free, but if you can answer me ASAP, I'll be really happy.


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    Are looking you for C/C++ IDE in Linux ? If so KDevelop will work.
    It's more like Eclipse.Or you can even try Eclipse itself in Linux.
    As far as i know linux comes with gcc compiler.If you are going to teach basics of
    C/C++ it will be enough i guess.

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    Not really what i hoped as answer, but ok.

    I'm gonna try out the gcc, KDevelop and Eclipse, if needed.



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