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Thread: generic one

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    generic one

    I do have the following:

    Windows (* 0,0,0) -> SDA
    Linux (* 0,1,0) -> SDB
    /dev/sdb1 ext3 /boot 8mb
    other partitions here...
    DATA (* 0,1,0) -> SDC

    What I was trying to do is to have a bootmanager that startsup from Linux. Now, when I press the start button of my computer, Windows boots up, and there's no Boot Manager.

    During the setup process of the Linux installation, I installed the bootmanager in the /boot partition.

    I guess that I need to install it in a partition from the (0,0,0) HD, right ?

    Can you tell me how I can fix this ? (I readed some stuff about that, but I can't boot up the Linux, so i can't edit the files).

    Thanks a lot.

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    Using a boot floppy might works to boot up from Linux, but this is a partial solution, because every times I will want to use Linux, I'm gonna be forced to use the damn floppy.

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    What about changing the hardware configuration ?

    I mean, if I do:
    Linux from (0,1,0) to (0,0,0) and
    Win from (0,0,0) to (0,1,0)

    and after I'll be able to update the config files of the boot manager to include Windows ?

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    You're using Debian, what version of windows? When you install Debian you are given an option of where to install the bootloader. Simples thing is usually default, install to the master boot record. When this is done with Grub bootloader, it will generally pick up your windows installation and put an entry in the menu.lst file so you can select it at boot.

    Do you have the install CD or a Live CD to use? If so, enter a terminal as root and run the command: fdisk -l (lower case letter L, not a number one). Post the output here. If you can, mount whatever partition you have Debian on and post the output of the /boot/grub/menu.lst file. If you don't know how to do that, respond and ask for help.

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