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    Unhappy upgrading kernel?...or not.

    I run a modified mepis distro. I upgraded the toolchain to debian lenny. Its basically debian. But when I downloaded linux-image-2.6.26-1-486 and its headers linux-headers-2.6.26-1-common and linux-source-2.6.26 just in case.

    I checked /boot to see if everything was inorder, it was.

    but when I rebooted to this new kernel. it decompressed the image ok.
    but after that it just hung at "loading, please wait" no HD activity.

    I then compiled the source I got and the same thing resulted.

    so i'm stuck with linux-image-2.6.22-1-mepis-smp

    PS what i'm trying to do is get a kernel upgrade so I can use uvesafb to make my framebuffer my native widescreen.


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    I removed the "quiet" in my kernel command boot line, to see where it hangs.

    Begin: waiting for udev to process events ... done
    device-mapper: ioctl: 4.11.0-ioctl (2006-10-12) initialised:
    Begin: Waiting for root file system ... _

    the last line should read: "Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ... "

    does this help a little?


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    I figured it out! after running my custom kernel and my working kernel with qemu I realized they were working fine. Which made me think that there was something wrong with the initrd.img when i was looking into it, I came across an entry that labeled the internal hard drive as the old /dev/hda for the new kernel rather than /dev/sda which I was using. I thought, that would explain everything. so I just changed my boot line to go to /dev/hda1 as root as opposed to /dev/sda1

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