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    How do I build my own application program?


    Could anyone help me build my own application program, please?

    My problem is this:
    I am working as an electronics engineer, and I need to connect some electronics devices to the PC, via RS232.
    I send some commands, via RS232 to these devices, or they get a trigger signal from somewhere else, and then they have to reply back a string of data to the PC, via RS232.
    I have already built some programs in Windows, using Visual Basic 6, to handle similar problems. I am not an advanced programmer in VB6 either, just a beginner. I just found lots of tutorials, who helped me a lot.

    Now, I installed Debian, and I need to build such programs again, in Linux.

    How do I do it?
    What is the programming language to use? Easiest?
    Basically, what I need is someone to point me to the right direction, like if you could give me an example of a code that takes a piece of raw string from the RS232 buffer and manipulates/translates it in different pieces of information readable by humans, or that will do some other action on the PC. Or if you could point me to some tutorials using such programming language (which? I do not know).
    I have found Python as a programming language for Linux, only I could not find out how to get and work with strings of data received by RS232.

    A further/future problem will be: electronics devices are moving towards getting rid of RS232, and using only USB. I have never built an application for USB, not even in a Windows environment. So I am totally out of imagination here. So if anyone can help me with this also, will be appreciated. But I would leave this problem out, until I can (at least), build and understand few programs for RS232 in Linux.

    Please remember that I am a novice in programming, as well as in Linux.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Pyhton is easy one, but it can not interprete with kernel level stuff
    You must use C or assembly for interacting with hardware.
    and make a userspace using Python.

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