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    Cool new to deb. distro

    Hi all! A few quests for a beginner...
    1.How does one edit the fstab to allow file-modification in flash memories?
    2.Why does debian (and knoppix) not allow root login in the login sacreen? Is there a way to remedy this?
    3.Havin' installed knoppix5.3.1, how does one upgrade the system to a debian-like feel?

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    1: Flash memory is usually automounted when plugged in, it's not a good idea to add an entry in /etc/fstab for removable media as they are assigned device name in the order they are plugged in. If today you plug in your mp3 player first, it may be /dev/sdb, then a flash drive after it would be /dev/sdc, but tomorrow you may plug in the flash drive first and it now becomes /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdc like yesterday.
    2: Linux OS developers think we're all dumb enough to wreak havok on our units and allow attackers to make things worse, they try to protect us from ourselves. It can be done though, by editing certain display manager files, not recommended. Just learn to make a root password using keys on the keyboard that are very close to each other so it goes fast and painless when you have to type it in often.
    3: Knoppix uses KDE desktop, not sure if it has repositories, if so, you can install Debian's default desktop called Gnome. You might want to add this place to your sources.list and try it. This is something you should read to know how to set up repositories and stuff.

    Personally, having used Debian based distributions for a while, I would'nt install Knoppix to a fixed drive, better to just use it live, especially if you don't like the default desktop. Might as well just install Ubuntu or Debian if that's what you prefer. They also have many thousands more pre-bundled distribution specific software packages available in repositories.

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    But I still get a message
    "device only lies with HAL"
    with knoppix, I tried to edit the fstab file and succedded in opening my memory, but no modification allowed.
    Next challenge is that I can't access root desktop via the conventional login window.

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    You can enable root login from graphical interface at the gdm or kdm setup.

    Before you logging in start the login manager configuration , you can find it in one of the menus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njuguna View Post
    Next challenge is that I can't access root desktop via the conventional login window.
    Why do you need to do this? There is no administrative task that I'm aware of that requires a root desktop login. You never want to log in as root to do everyday tasks. What are you trying to do that requires root access?
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