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Thread: deb. paradox

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    Post deb. paradox

    Can anyone help me ID the problem with deb. 4.0 or me? The o.s. is denying me several actions:
    1. gaining access to root user environment via the conventional login manager
    2. won't open flash memories despite editing the fstab file to accommodate flash memories
    3. installing debian 4.0 into HP machines successfully and install GRUB.
    4. configure compiz on installed system

    Of what use are the other debian DVD's other than cd1?

    Am currently on a Intel P IV-3.0G, 160+80 GB storage, 512 memo. Soon will be on a toshiba laptop with similar features.

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    Here is a little help that I can offer:

    Before answering your numbered question I think the last unnumbered question is most important.

    >Of what use are the other debian DVD's other than cd1?
    I guess you have not added those DVDs in your repo. You need the complete repo to have access to all available softwares.

    Follow these steps to add those DVDs to your repo:
    Open synaptic package manager ; go to
    Settings -> Repositories -> Add CDROM
    (one by one add all the remaining DVDs)

    1. For security reasons the root loginn from conventional login manager (GDM/KDM) is disabled. You can enable it as this:
    Main manu -> Desktop -> Administration -> Login window. (go to "Security" tab and check for "Allow local system administrator login"
    That should enable you to login as root.

    2. Try installing some auto mount software like "pmount"

    3. I didnt get the problem involved here. It should be pretty straight forward..

    4. Compiz comes with compiz-manager. that can be of some help I guess.

    Hope that helps

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