Hi all,
I am working on ARM9 based Cogent Eval board with co-linux platform using BDI2000 debugger.

Setup of Hardware:
PC(serial port with co-linux) --> BDI2000-->ARM9 cogent board

In the BDI2000 manual the fellow have give set of *.c files for the communication with BDI2000, After reading the manual i have build the set of files and then executed ./bdisetup file. I am not able to see the communication with BDI with PC.

Next step(alternate method to execute serial port) , I tried just checking serial port with loopback by using minicom. then also i am not able to see any communication.

Next step(alternate method to execute serial port).
I tried to execute the MAKEDEV ttyS0 port after that i used minicom with loopback communication after that also I failed to make the serial port up.

Please help me if anyone have knowledge on this type of issues?

For your information
co-linux details
1. Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 colinux
2. Linux colinux 2.6.12-co-0.7.1 --> version.

Thanking you,
bharath kumar.s