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    Unhappy Problems using connect to desktop


    I am using an Asus eee pc 4b with Linux Debian os on it, I think !

    I have tried connecting to our windows 2003 server at work and I get a login ok, normally login ok and then the application just seems to disappear

    I am connecting to the internet via wireless, the internet connection seems fine

    Can anyone help me get a better connection please ?

    I am new to Linux so maybe I am not doing something obvious ?


    Regards Andy

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    What kind of authentication is the win2003 server expecting at login?
    And how are you trying to connect?

    Are both machines set for clear password authentication?

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    Hi Glaston

    Not sure what kind of authentication the server expects. My main pc runs windows Vista and I connect using remote desktop no problems

    On my Linux pc I click on 'Connect to desktop' and then use an rdp connection to connect to the server

    The server screen comes up fast, I can normally login if I switch to full screen and more often than not the login runs ok. A few seconds after that the window just disappears, no error message

    Regards Andy

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    Hi Somersham

    Could you explain exactly what you are trying to do?
    You said you want to connect to the Server 2003 at work, with your Debian eeepc. I understand that you want to access your e-mail, My Documents, printers and any other folders you have on that server.
    I have used winXP for a long time at work, connected to our Server 2003, and about one year ago I have switched to Debian Etch. I did this move, when I have found out that the network administrator can see every application you have used, and any files you have accessed. There is no privacy with logging in to Server 2003.
    I have never logged in again, on the network and the server 2003 since then.
    But still I can access all the resources on the network, My Documents, printers, internet access through the network and my e-mail from the exchange server.

    If that is what you want, let me know and I will try to remember how I did it.


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    Hi HyperUniverse

    I want to dial in so I can run some applications we have loaded on the server, such as our SAP accounts system

    This all works fine from my Vista system but it would be great if it worked from my linux pc

    Regards Andy

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    Hi Somersham

    I do not think it is possible to run Windows applications from your Server 2003 on to your local Debian.
    Linux and Windows applications are usually not compatible.
    You should try and find out, if there is a Linux program that can open the files your SAP accounts system are using. Then install that program and use it to access the SAP files.
    As an example: if you want to read pdf files with a Linux machine, files that are on your server (or even on your eeepc), you do not install and do not use Adobe Acrobat on your Linux, as you do in Windows. There are other applications for Linux that are capable of opening and reading pdf files.
    I do not know what SAP is, so can't help you, sorry again.

    But again, if you really want to, there is a work-around that will do the job for you.
    I have some windows programs that I use at work and there is no Linux equivalent for them.
    So I installed Wine
    This is an emulation program that will let you install and run Windows programs under Linux.
    It did not work perfectly for me.
    In the end I installed VirtualBox.
    With this you create a virtual partition inside your Linux operating system. Then you can install Windows operating system as usual, with any kind of win programs.
    This way, when I need to work with the programs that only Windows has them, I start VirtualBox (while Debian is still up and running), start XP inside it, and do my work.
    Can't tell you everything here.
    Just search for VirtualBox and read about it.
    Or try Wine.
    But with wine I think you are still left with the problem of connecting to the network and authenticate.
    VirtualBox is like a machine inside another machine. When you have Windows up and running inside VirtualBox, you just connect to the network through Windows environment as usual.


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    Thanks for your help, sounds like I can't do it as standard

    I will have a look at Virtualbox

    Thanks again

    Regards Andy

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    Hi Andy,

    Why not try asking your network administrator to run 2x aplication server on your works server 2003 box?

    Its a great little program that I think is free. Your admin will install the 2x server on the main windows server 03 box and then with a few simple clicks you can add programs into the 2x server. Then all you have to do is install the 2x aplication client connector on your laptop or whatever you use (it's multiplatform and I have had it working on ubuntu before which is basically dumbed down debian) and when you connect the 2x client to the 2x server it shows you all the windows programs your admin has selected for you to use. All you have to do is double your programs icon for example (MS Outlook or Adobe Photoshop or Sage (anything but games that runs on windows)) and it opens an RDP session over the internet and drags that program (program only not desktop environment like Remote Desktop) to your machine at home. It saves everything on the server at work and bobs your uncle! You've got windows programs that are installed on a windows server running in a remote desktop style fashion on your linux box!

    The huge benefits with it are A) it takes no recources from the machine you are using, because it is running on the servers resources, B) its secure, and C) if you run the free version you can have up to five programs from the server open at one time! (which should be enough!)


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    Hi Natalie

    Thanks alot got your suggestion, I will have a look into it

    Good weekend

    Regards Andy

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    Hi Andy,

    no worries,


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