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Thread: ftp problem

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    ftp problem


    I am relatively new to Linux. I have a Debian system running at home and just installed pure-ftp. I could do ftp on the same computer but I couldn't do ftp from outside using the browser. Can someone guide me how to ?

    I appreciate any help

    thank you

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    Your not giving up a lot of info here steve, but I'll see if I can help you.
    I could do ftp on the same computer but I couldn't do ftp from outside using the browser
    OK, I'm taking that to mean you could FTP into your own ip port (eth0 or lo, for instance) and establish an ftp session with your own machine. That's good, that means your client works. Why can't you connect to remote machines?
    First, are you doing this from your home or office? The difference is important since if your doing this on somebody elses network, he may have taken security precautions to block this behavior from your user group. A short conversation with you sys ad will resolve this problem in that case.The other first step I'd encourage you to take is post the error message you get when you try to ftp to external machines

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    Ditto dijetlo,

    without an accurate error message it is impossible to determine a solution. Please post any error message you get.

    Also have checked your firewall rules? Try ensuring your firewall on your the ftp machine allows ftp connections from the outside world, it should allow internal ftp connections by default as it should trust any machine on the internal IP range so perhaps this is why you can ftp in from inside the network but not outside. Next log into the router and allow the connection there as well. Also check your IP tables carefully, it's very easy to make them messy.

    Give it a go, and also post your error message so help can be at hand.


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    ftp error

    thanks for the replies.

    I can ftp by or from any remote machine on the same network i.e from windows machine using cmd on the same network. But if I want tof tp from let say from my work using the browser i couldn't.

    I have a home network with a windows machine and a linux machine running debian.

    since I couldn't figure out the pure-ftp i installed proftp and it works fine but I am not very sure about the security settings which i need some help on if possible.

    And another delima i have is: i want to host some websites. I have resitered name. I want to host the website on my linux machine. How do i do that?
    Do I need to install BIND? if so how to setup BIND?

    I have dynamic IP through local ISP (regular internet service). I have a router as well which I used for the home network.

    right now i have registered with no-ip and to connect to my linux i can go If anyone can help me i will give the root password so you can login and configure everything.

    thank you very much in advance.


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    I think you have just installed client software only try installing the server software also by apt-get install pure-ftpd
    if you are thinking abt security try ftp-ssl also.

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