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    IP Forwarding - two external IPs to one internal LAN Ip

    Hey guys,
    i got two ips for one ethernet adapter on a server on the internet.
    The First IP is directly on eth0
    the second IP is on a different subnet on a virtual eth0:1

    the third IP is directly on vmnet2 (you got it? )

    i want a ip forward of the second IP to a specific destination on the same subnet of vmnet2.

    How can i do it?

    Detailed Information:

    eth0 = /
    eth0:1 = / (i know that isnt correct, but you know what i mean)
    vmnet2 = /

    eth0 = /

    I want that all traffic and all ports which wants to go to eth0:1, goes forward to eth0 of the client.

    How can i do it?
    Bridge isnt possible.
    Greetings, Snooops

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    A) No, because iptables does not support virtual interfaces (ethX:Y).

    This is one suggestion.

    B) You have listed vmnetX which is the default naming for a VMWare virtual switch. IF this virtual switch is a "NAT" network, you should modify VMWare's nat.conf file to allow port forwarding. If the virtual switch is "Host-Only", VMWare will not move packets in/out of that VLAN.

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    Isnt it possible to directly forward all traffic which goes to to without defining each port? yes im using VMware with NAT Interfaces, and i got severel external ips
    and i want to have each ip for one vmachine without caring about ports

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