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Thread: Ugly GTK

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    Ugly GTK

    I'm running Debian Lenny with LXDE and everything was going perfect until I tried installing a later version of Banshee than what is in the repositories so that Banshee could also play my FLV files.

    It required GTK2+-2.0, Glib2 and Pango... which I all installed from source since it appears Debian either don't have it in their repositories or it's called something different OR for some reason the guys at Debian think it's cool to install things in non-standard directories.

    I managed to install everything but once I rebooted my nice GTK-ish theme disappeared and even GDM didn't have that nice Debian splash screen thing. Kazehakase browser refuses to work because of this it seems.

    How can I get my nice little themese to work a gain please?

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    Debian certainly do have gtk2. They call it gtk+-2.0 for some reason. You shouldn't need to install pango or glib2 because gtk2 brings them with it as dependencies.
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    The latest Banshee is in the Sid repository. It is possible and probably easier to run a mixed Debian environment or switch to Sidux if you're looking for newer packages. You can use the smxi scripts to turn an existing debian install into sidux. smxi sgfxi svmi rbxi :: home page

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