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    change system language


    I have a java program that has to use specific character encoding (baltic 1257). When i run this program on a UTF debian system, i get hieroglyphs from this program's output. If i change the system language to the one i need - it works fine, but the whole system changes to this language and i don't want that.

    What i need to do is figure out a way (if such exists) to run make this java process think that the system language is "lt-LT". Is this possible via some shell script or something like that?

    And do not suggest to convert this program to UTF instead of ASCII, because for some specific reasons, windows-1257 is required.

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    run this program in terminal and set up the language variables
    the fastest way
    prompt> LC_ALL="the needed language"; programname parameters

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    So if i wanted to write a shell script for that, should i do:

    export LC_ALL="lt-LT"
    java /blah/blah/

    or would it be:

    java /blah/blah/


    LC_ALL="lt_LT"; java/blah/blah/


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    use the second one, i don't think export would be needed but maybe, if not works use the first one

    ";" only needed when you type two ore more commands into on line in a terminal its a command separator

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