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    Boot Restrictions

    I was wondering if there is a way to configure the boot of Linux to check a certain hardware like MAC address on the lan card before actually booting, is that possible?

    I reasently switched to Linux, even though I still use my PC at times, and found out that you can switch a harddrive from one computer to another without too many problem when using linux, and I sure would be sad if some one nicked my drive and could use it (of cause they have to know my password) but still it would be fine if there was some sort of security check that the harddrive was in the machine it's supposed to be and not some other machine.

    Any one know if that is possible?


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    Here's two ideas to throw out there
    • The password and MAC address check don't matter if they have the harddrive, they can mount it with a liveCD and get your data
    • If your disk was encrypted they couldn't boot your system and point 1 wouldn't apply

    I have to say, what you are talking about sounds like a form of DRM for applications I've come across that was a pig to work with. Network card dies (which they do more than you'd think) and your system is unbootable. It seems for your concerns that maybe you'd be better off with encryption rather than a one point roadblock.

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    Thanks for the reply bigtomrodney,

    I will look into the encryptions part, it might also be an easier way to do this.

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