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    Problem with routing from eth0 to tun0

    Hello everyone. I may brief my problem so you guys can understand.

    2 Sites:

    Site 1
    OpenVPN Server
    Is the openvpn server

    Site 2
    Openvpn Client
    Is Client

    No Iptables rules were defined so we can focus on making the VPN work firstly.

    First test: Ping each other (Openvpn machines only).
    They can successfully ping each other on whatever NIC i try.

    Second test: Host on Site 1 to ping the Eth0 of the Openvpn Client at Site 2.
    obs: routes were created successfully on this host.

    tcpdump debbug on openvpnserver at site 1: i noticed that eth0 receives the packet from the host with destination to the site 2's network, but it does not route the packet to tun0 and later to the vpn tunnel. Tun0 seems to receive nothing from eth0.

    As i can ping the other server, routes are not a problem at the server's level and communication is phisically ok.

    I cant find why Eth0 is not routing the packages to tun0, thats why the packets doesnt arrive at the other site (site 2). Just to confirm, tcpdump on tun0 at site2 shows no package coming during this test.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you alot!

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    configure package forwarding betwen the eth and tun interfaces

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