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    Laptop + PC + Crossover cable

    I really thought it would be easier to get my laptop and PC talking to each other with a crossover cable.. but I just can't get it to work.

    On my PC, I did this:

    sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

    And on my laptop i did this

    sudo ifconfig eth1 netmask broadcast

    The interface names are correct (on the laptop eth0 is a wireless connection).

    Then I tested the connection by doing this on my PC


    But I'm told it's unreachable. Please help me fix this problem!

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    Post check your media!

    Your problem is using the wrong connectivity media(wireless and cable!).
    If your Ltop communication interface is a wireless ethernet adapter whereas the other is a NIC(I presume it's the normal onboard card on the motherboard), they won't communicate using the same coding method(i.e., electrical signals)! That's why your PC claims its partner is 'unreachable'

    In favour of your Ltop, get a wireless NIC adapter for both, then test whether they'll talk.

    If your Ltop supports Twisted Pair connectivity(has a NIC similar to the desktop, and both are in working condition), check your crossover cable for crimping errors or you might have a cable break.

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    Thanks for the reply njuguna, but eth1 on the laptop is wired ethernet and eth0 on the PC is wired ethernet. For all intents and purposes we can assume the Laptop has no wireless connection.

    I can't believe something that happens in about 3 seconds is proving so difficult in Linux. I'd still appreciate any help - thanks

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