Just reloaded my system with the newest Debian kernel . When attempting to establish my PDA (Palm Zire 22), gpilotd returns the following:
Failed to connect using device 'Cradle', on port '/dev/pilot'.  Check your configuration, as you requested old-style usbserial 'ttyUSB' syncing, but do not have the usbserial 'visor' kernel module loaded.  You may need to select a 'usb:device.
I do not know how to build or modify the kernels and, frankly, given bad experiences I've had in the past with automatic updates that installed new kernels, it scares me a little. But if that's what I must do to get this PDA initialized, that's what I must do. And I would rather have a pilot node appear in /dev, than mess around with trying to identify various usb nodes there, which I find are liable to change and generally are a pain in the neck.

Any advice would be appreciated.

cat /etc/issue:
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0
uname -a:
Linux [system name] 2.6.26-2-686 #1 SMP Thu May 28 15:39:35 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
Thanks to everyone for your consideration.