I bought the Wacom Bamboo MTE450K1. I have the wacom-tools package installed. I am using Lenny (64-bit). The digital pen has two buttons on it and they're both right clicks. There are four buttons on the actual tablet, two of which are left and right clicks and the third and fourth have no functionality at all.

What I want is:

- To improve the sensitivity of the pen because I have to cover so much surface area in order to move the cursor the slighest bit. Maybe it has to be this way but I would like to know where to go to experiment with this behaviour.

- To make one of the two buttons on the digital pen itself be a left click because that's what I'd need to be able to write. That, plus, there is no good reason as to why two buttons should have the same functionality on the same device.

- To assign a functionality to the two other buttons such as erasers and the toggling the typed text feature of xournal on and off.

I bought this product for school notetaking for the tasks that typing will not suffice such as math work, etc.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance!