Hi there,
Ive been useing Debian for around a week now and having really good fun with it. I decided id like to install firefox so downloaded the graphical installer (firefox-1.0PR-i686-linux-gtk2+xft-installer.tar)

After unpacking i sent it to /usr/bin and ran ./firefox-installer.
That told me that i needed libstdc++.so.5. I learnt that this package is not stable yet (i couldnt get it through apt-get) so i Dl'ed it from debains site.
there were lots of depndancies for this package so i got them too.
(gcc-3.3-base_3.3.4-13, libc6_2.3.2) There was also a dependancy for libc6 (libdb1-comp) So i tried installing these through package manager and got depndancy errors on pretty much every one.
Now i think ive messed up something pretty serious because when i try to launch kpackage I get an error when loading ibdb.so.2 (presumeably because the failed above install)
So, lots of problems but not sure what to do. Ive tried doing apt-get build-dep kpackage and removeing and re-installing various things but cant seem to get it back up and running.
After ive fixed that id like to get firefox up again, is there a way of installing the packages at the same time to get around the dependancy issues?

Cheers for helping with my mess