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    weird behaviour with chmod on sarge

    I recently switched form mdk 10 to debian sarge ( just wanted to have a look at it mdk's fine)
    I found out some weird behaviour using chmod :
    If I do a chmod -R 660 HOW2/ ( I use HOW2 here, but it could be anything )
    ls -aln
    I get drw-rw---- 6 1005 1000 4096 2004-10-18 12:59 HOW2
    Everything OK, then cd HOW2/ it goes : bash: cd: HOW2/: Permission non accordée ( cd: HOW2/ permission denied ) hu ! (as a matter of fact it wouldn't let me read any of the file on it, this is how I bumped into this problem)
    well id
    uid=1005(christophe) gid=1000(christophe) groupes=20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(floppy),27(sudo), 29(audio),44(video),1000(christophe)
    How come I can't read the directory then ?
    Everything works fine when I get back to 7xx... However I can't quite understand this... ( among a lot of things but this is another story )
    From what I gathered, I should be able to read my file, or did I get something wrong at some point ?
    Does anyone have a clue ?


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    As far as directories are concerned, execute permission is actually search permission as well. You have to be able to execute a directory to ls, cd, etc.
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    Ooops !
    Explains a lot. I did get somethin' wrong
    I've had a look at quite a few website before I posted this question, I never got through this info humm ! Anyway
    Thanx a lot Sarumont

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