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    FTP and APACHE 2


    i am new to linux debian. i am using version 3.0

    I have installed apache2
    FTP was already on it.

    now i want to make new users to conect to the server.

    i want that they could upload files to the webserver.

    could u guys explain this to me?

    thank you very much!

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    which ftp-server do you use? (vsftp, pure-ftpd....)

    Greetz }-Tux-{

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    I'd setup SFTP since you already have OpenSSH installed on the system more than likely. It's simple and almost identical to normal FTP, it's encrypted, and as long as you have the users on the system, as in the adduser command they can log in withouth a problem.

    Just enable the SFTP part by editing sshd_config in /etc/ssh/ and uncomment or add the line:

    Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/sftp-server.

    Then restart the sshd daemon or if it's run though inetd just connect.

    The only catch is you'll need a SFTP enabled FTP client, thankfully most Unix FTP clients support this, and if the client is win32 the excellent Filezilla works using SFTP over SSH2,

    If you're running via ident you can even go as far as setting up TCPwrappers and only allowing certain IP addresses to connect, giving you another layer of security.

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