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    gnome then KDE???

    I installed the Sarge distro of debian. Everything is going pretty good, I'm 8 days old today with Linux. Well I am digging around fine tunning and the such and relized that Gnome and KDE are two different GUI's. Well by default, I guess, Debian for me boots to a Gnome login then goes into KDE. Is there a way to stop the Gnome login and go with just KDE? I se a place in KDE to set login options and background for the login and stuff so I assume that KDE can do it all. I like KDE more than Gnome as I have played around with them allot in the past 4 days of getting everything up and running.

    Also I would like MP3's to launch XMMS, but no matter what I do it never saves XMMS as the default program, I even tried it in root, but no go. Ok those are my two big ones right now. I have looked around here and the web for the KDE solution, but no go.

    thanks for any help you guys can give a noobie

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    Debian for me boots to a Gnome login then goes into KDE. Is there a way to stop the Gnome login and go with just KDE?
    do u mean u want to automatically login kde ?

    then at the konsole type :
    <your password>

    then u will find an option to automatically login

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    Ok here is my thought as a noob. Is the GDM part of Gnome? And if it is why do I have to use it to login and such. I would rather use something that is appart of KDE since I like KDE alot more. I already have it set to automatically log me in, but I would like to do away with that if possible. I have a home PC not something on a corprate network and really don't see a need to have to login to the PC everytime and have to provide a password everytime I want to shut down the PC, all that extra "security" is just a pain and not needed. Like I said I saw a place in KDE for a background setup in a login screen and that is what I'm looking to use. Plus doesn't it take more memory to load GDM and then KDE? Remember I'm still new at this and have my old DOS skills to work with, but have been stuck in a Windows mentallity for awhile. I switch to Linux because I feel as tho I'm dumbing down with Windows, and really need to get back to real computing.

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    you need to changeyour DM to kdm... should be in /etc/inittab, IIRC.. under runlevel 5....
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    check this file


    change it to:


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    thanks guy's I'll give that a try. I'll let you know if I have any major issues, as everyone here has been really helpful. Now I need to work on those ATI drivers.
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    Well that did it, but i had to install KDM, as it was not found on the system, which was supper easy with apt-get then boom up and running. Awesome.

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