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Thread: Unpack .deb

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    Unpack .deb

    I am new to linux,

    i want to unpack .deb package on linux environment.

    i used command dpkg -i file_name.deb

    it givs error command not found,

    please help.

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    I suspect you are trying to run before you can walk. Why do you want to unpack a .deb by hand? That's an expert's job. The usual way to install software in Debian systems is to use a front end like apt-get, aptitude or synaptic, which does all the work for you.

    In Windows you download packages through your browser and then unpack them. The package contains an installation script and that's what you use to install. In Linux, you ask a package manager like apt-get or synaptic to get software for you; it downloads the package from an official software repository, unpacks and installs it.

    Give me a bit of background on this. What are you actually trying to do?
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    I have to agree with hazel. One of the reasons I use Debian is because of the easy of instlation; Also the number of apps available for my system.

    I can't remember the last time I went hunting for a .deb package to install. No need for that if you're using Debian. Apt-get install app or with Synaptic will do it for you.

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    Extract the deb using ar command.
    ar -x file.deb

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    Are you sure you're in the right folder when you execute the command? Sounds like you're trying to do it fro a folder the file isn't in.

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    Are you signed in as root when trying to install the package???

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