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    Modules not loading after a kernel comp from 2.4.18 to 2.6.8


    I have a problem with module-loading with my new kernel 2.6.8.

    From start i had a 2.4.18-bf2.4 and wanted to compile a new one 2.6.8.

    Note that I have the options with modules loading activated and compiled in the new 2.6.8 kernel. I also had been upgrading and updating alot with apt-get (apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade). Branch: unstable.

    Note that the module-init-tools were installed before the compiling of the kernel.

    I did a make -j2
    make modules_install
    Then I did the copying of bzImage and the + link of that

    After reboot no modules are loaded. I get a msg during the bootup about Fatal: not finding usb-storage... and ohter modules that are in /etc/modules. I solved it temporarily by installing the drivers in the kernel, but i would like to know that i have made wrong. lsmod is showing that no modules are loaded.

    An1 got an idea what to do ?

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    Have you tried to modprobe them manually after booting? Did you remember to relink /usr/src/linux?
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    It is possible to find them and modprobe them under /lib/modules/2.6.8/kernel...,

    But that didnt help after reboot.

    With relink /usr/src/linux you mean that i did a symlink to that from the kernel-source-2.6.8? If then yes I did that and issued the cmd: make -j2 in /usr/src/linux also.

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    fyi there is a very easy way to install a kernel on debian by way of making a .deb file then you can install like other apps.If you can't find how to I will find a link

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    Yeah I know its possible that way, but what do I learn from that

    Its by doing it all yourself you realy get to learn Linux and its possible to modify the kernel if you compare to the bin kernel you can use apt-get to get.

    Bu thanx anyway for the reply

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