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    PHP files are not being executed by the server

    Well, I just set up my second Debian web server a couple days ago, and I believe everything is installed and configured properly, but PHP files are not being executed by the server. What could cause this? Is apache not configured properly? missing a package required for PHP? I don't know what's wrong. . .


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    Did the installer say it came with php installed? If not, Did you install php?

    Did you edit apache's httpd.conf or php's php.ini ?

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    Yes, PHP is installed. What exactly do I have to modify in the Apache config file? And what needs changed in the php.ini file?

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    I just setup appache and php on windows, but here's what I had to edit:

    For apache's httpd.conf I had to add

    # ---- begin

    # For PHP 4
    LoadModule php4_module "f:/programs/php/php4apache2.dll"
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    # configure the path to php.ini
    PHPIniDir "f:/programs/php"

    # ---- end

    In the same file I also edited "DirectoryIndex index.html
    index.html.var" to: DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.html.var to allow index.php to be an index file.

    I also had to set

    DocumentRoot "F:/data/web/www"

    Then for php.ini I started with php.ini-recommended and set

    doc_root = F:\data\web\www

    I think that was it. Here's the unix php installation manual:

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    You do have PHP 4 installed? It's been a while but when I did have Apache, I had to install PHP4 seperately. At that time, it adjusts Apache to accomdate for this during installationiof PHP4.

    If you haven't seen anything like that, then I guess you'll have to install PHP4.
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