My ATI drivers(from ATI) are now up and running thanks to help from It-s and a few others. But I have two more problems on my plate that I just cannot get down. One is a simple one. I have changed several default programs(progs that open when a file is clicked) to others that I like more. Well I have allot of MP3's as just about everyone has. In KDE there are two programs setup as the default, but the main one just doesn't work, it skips and jumps so I tried XMMS(winamp I love it) the MP3's sound great. Now when ever I click on an MP3 it defualts to some odd KDE program that sucks. When ever I select XMMS as the defualt it doens't stick it always dissapears. So I deleted the other two defaults in the File Ass. program and added XMMS manually. After hitting apply and then ok you think it would stay, well if I reopen the file ass. manager the MP3 links are all gone, XMMS is not there. So far nothing has gotten it to stick. Can anyone shead any light on this?

After this one I need to find out why my XP machine can see, but not talk to printer in linux(everything setup like all the tutorials say to do) all I get on the xp machine aftersetting up the printer is "access denied, cannot..." it's another odd thing that just doesn't make since.

you guys have been awesome helping noobs out and I have pretty much got everything else, there are just little wierd things that don't quite make sense. Thanks